Jul 4, 2017

5 simple tips you must follow to keep your cakes moist

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Baking a cake is an art which looks simple but actually is complex. But, if you don’t know to bake a cake or are a novice in this field, it doesn’t mean that you will remain deprived of cake, one of the most delicious dishes the world has ever tasted.

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However, if you wish to enhance your cookery and become the master baker, here is a simple guide for you. One of the biggest problems which arise in baking a cake is that of keeping it moist. Cake often gets dry and this further ruins its taste.

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Follow these simple steps to keep your cake moist and prevent it from getting dry.

Don’t over bake

It’s quite obvious that over baking a cake makes it crusty and evaporates the moisture trapped in its layers. But the biggest question is how can one ensure that the cake does not get overbaked? We have a solution for that too.

Firstly, check the cake in the oven by poking a toothpick in it at the minimum baking time mentioned in the recipe. Don’t open it before that otherwise, your cake runs the risk of sinking.

After checking, if the cake is still not baked, use your own calculation to estimate the time in which it will be baked.

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Baking strips will make it easy

Baking strips are long narrow strips made up of a special type of cloth which can be wound around your cake pan while baking. The moisture in the strips keeps the pan cooler on the edges and thus prevents the sides of the cake from browning till its center is done.

You can also use an old towel or napkin soaked in water in the place of baking strips.

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Say ‘YES’ to sugar

Though it’s a trend nowadays to bake low- sugar cakes for health reasons, we also need to understand the role of sugar not only as a sweetening agent but also as a moisture maintaining material.

Sugar is hygroscopic in nature ie. it attracts water and hence helps in retaining the moisture of the cake. It can even absorb moisture from the air. Brown sugar is even more hygroscopic than the white one. Therefore, you can use brown sugar to keep your cakes moist if a light color is not required in them.

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Wrap, freeze & cover

After baking the cake, let it cool down to the room temperature. However, this method can be followed for a cake which is not to be used immediately. Then, wrap this unfrosted cake in a plastic wrap, store it in an airtight container and freeze it overnight.

Frost the cake the next day. Cover it with buttercream and fondant as they keep the cake moist. Well, Chocolate cakes beautifully decorated with fondant are now available exclusively at CakenGifts.in.

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A little of sugar syrup has never harmed anyone

Even after following all these measures, if you still feel that your cake is not sufficiently moist and is somewhat dry, you can brush your cake with sugar syrup using a pastry brush.

Glycerine or brandy can also be used in its place.

So, just keep in mind the following measures and your cake will be extra moist and delicious. Send us your views about this article in the comments and good luck for your next cake.

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