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Chocolate Cakes

Give, chocolate treat to your kids and girls by our online service on any special occasion or at any event. Gift your beautiful wife or girlfriend a chocolate cake treat on any special occasion or make any regular day an awesome and memorable one for them. We have many varieties like chocolate Oreo cake, truffle cake, dark chocolate cake and etc.


Frosty Chocolate Cake



Cherry On Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Cake Fudge



Choco Caramel Cake



Double Heart On Chocolate Cake


Luscious Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Cake 2020



Choco Truffle Cake In Round


Photo Cake For Dad


Reviewed by Manshi

Last Sunday I went to my friend's house, he passed in inter with 90% marks so there was organized a party with all our friends. We booked chocolate cakes from this site, by saying that the cake should be very tasty. After 30 minutes of booking we got cake, factually the cake was very very very superb!!! We enjoyed very much. Hearty Thanks to CakenGifts!!!

Reviewed by Siksha Verma

On the occasion of my anniversary day I ordered chocolate cakes from this site. We got cake delivery at right time that was decided. The cakes were superb!!! As they were very tasty as well as they were looking most attractive. We amused our party with these chocolate cakes of this site. Thankyou so much!!!

Reviewed by Bal Swaroop

Ordered the chocolate cake i liked the cake but the design was so simple, add some more design varieties.

Reviewed by Nitin Pande

I ordered the cake for my daughter's birthday the taste was delicious but the design was changed little bit.

Reviewed by Sunita Pandey

the cake reached little late but the taste of chocolate cake is good. all over happy with the service.

Chocolate Treat for chocolate lovers by Online Chocolate Cakes

Everyone love chocolates and many people are those who crave for it badly. Chocolate is that flavor if once your taste buds stated liking it then after that you can't stop it to crave for chocolate and chocolate cakes and in last will make you helpless and then you have to order a chocolate cake for your festivity. You may find many chocolate lovers over the word even you don't have to visit the whole world you may find many around you. Because chocolate is the flavor which will make us helpless to eat it again and again. So by looking at the craving of chocolate lovers we have brought many chocolate cakes with different variety and designs. Order now online chocolate cake from CakenGifts today and relief your tongue. We have large range of chocolate cake to offer you. And do you know that chocolate cakes have a specialty about them that they can be adjust or suited to any occasion whether it is birthday party, corporate party, anniversary, Christmas or any other occasion it just fit best for all the occasion. Being of any age people always love chocolate cake whether they are in their childhood, teenage, adulthood or old age everyone love the flavor so much.

Online Chocolate Cakes are so scrumptious and this is the cause of their fame and add little more taste to it our chefs also work hard to add more taste in them. Want to scuttle in the chocolate cake order now only by we only delivers quality cakes for you will make you crave for it want you will want every crumb of it.

Cream Chocolate Cake

Cream chocolate cake is all covered with rich chocolate whipped and with soft vanilla flavored cream. It is tremendously tasty and syrupy cake that can be served in several celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, New Year, and Christmas. The cake is available in different size including one liter, half liter and two liter. We also offer “make to order” size of cakes on command. Your mouth going to be surely filled with chocolate blast and sweet cream and you will experience the mind-blowing taste of chocolate cream cake.

Heart shaped Chocolate Cake

Heart shaped chocolate cake is specially made for your cute lovely lady love to gift them on their birthday, your anniversary, on Valentine's Day or on any other occasion. Chocolate cakes are delectable and sweet as well as they emerge attractive. They are made with sweeteners, dark chocolate, cream and eatable flavors. We do not use artificial coloring in any cake as we believe in bring out colors from nature so we use useful organic materials which are good for health. It future decorated with yummy Chocó chips, chocolate syrup and sometimes our chefs also use fresh fruits, nut and cherry syrup to give them final touch.

Egg-based Chocolate cake

As eggs are known to be the best friend of the cake because with eggs cake gets its real texture and taste so that's why we are calling the eggs cake's best friends. Egg binds up all other flavors together perfectly and helps cake to become porous. Eggs are also beneficial for health too so the idea of including in cake baking was so useful in giving the cake right texture. You can order online egg-based chocolate cake from for any celebration or to enjoy any moment with.

Eggless Chocolate Cake

We have both varieties of cakes in bakery egg-based as well as eggless chocolate cakes, so that you can order according to your desire. We understand that many people want eggless cakes for their festivity so what about these type of people. Do they have to suffer for their choice of being pure vegetarians? No, they don't need to do this, as we have brought pure eggless chocolate cake for them. They just need to mention us that they want eggless cake in the order form and have to trust us, we always provide according to your order. Now you must be thinking that above we have state that eggs are cake's best friend then how we can say about making cakes without eggs, right? Because we have a delicious solution for that, our chefs bake eggless cake with those ingredients which work as egg does in the cakes and these ingredients are all vegetarian. They are made with multi layer of cream and chocolate inside out and have a scrumptious aroma in it. you can have these cakes on any occasion or can also have the cakes on those occasion in which we do prayers.

Multi Layered Chocolate Cake

A multi coated cake mainly finished with chocolate syrup and whipped cream frosting. Different kind of decoration is being used to decorate multi layered chocolate birthday cake like colorful sprinklers Chocolate chips and many used at the top of the cake for decorating it. The cakes have diverse coating of chocolate and cream. In addition, chocolate is used for frosting, cake, and decoration as well. Despite chocolate and frosting whipped cream, some other ingredients are also being used in this multi layered cake like cocoa, baking powder, all-purpose flour powder, sweeteners, unsalted butter, and vanilla extracts.

Chocó Lava Cake

Chocó lave cakes are most wanted cake in this chocolate cake series. Many bakeries are now inventing their Chocó Lava cake but not reaching to that extends of quality on which we are standing. Chocó lava cakes are that in which you will be able to feel the real taste of chocolate. It contains molten chocolate inside it and for which you can't stop yourself. Many Chocó lava cake are made with centre filled cherry syrup. Many people especially teens and kids are made over it. If you want to gift Chocó lava cake to your girlfriend on this Valentine than it will be a perfect gift for her.

You can also order Chocó lava cake online for your kid's birthday party or can celebrate mini celebrations with.

Celebrate Special Moment With Cruncy Choco Cake

Just like Without rain mansoon is incomplete, similarly, the festival is incomplete without a delightful Choco cake. Especially for children, For giving extra craziness in the birthday party, a Choco cruncy cake is the perfect sweet. When you eat one piece of this cake you feel like an amazing crunchy taste and even that is helpful for increasing party standard. You can buy this cake at our popular cake portal. Its prices are very cheap you can select your flavor cake and send it anywhere in your desired place.


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