Apr 10, 2017
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Chocolate Dipped Mini-Mouse Cherry Fondant Candy.

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Have fun with these little mini-mice cherry chocolate candy in your party. Celebrate your Halloween party, birthday party, kid party, and many other parties with it. They are very simple to make and decorate you can even take your kids’ help to make them. It is for sure that they will also enjoy making it.

Make your anytime party or a boring party interesting with these cute looking candies. They just add an instant glam and happiness to your party with their fresh chocolate aroma and brightness.

Follow this step by step instruction of making these chocolate dipped mini-mice cherry candy at home. After making it you can pack and gift it to your relatives along with chocolate or strawberry cake online in Gurgaon by CakenGifts.

NOTE: If you don’t get cherries then you can also try this with strawberries in place of cherries. But with strawberries you have to make some other animal other than these mice because with strawberries you can’t indicate their tail.

Steps of making the candies-

Firstly you will needed some items to make it-

  • 8-10 cherries with stem ( you can have as much as you want)
  • 150 gram semisweet chocolate
  • ½ tsp butter
  • 1 ounce paraffin
  • ½ Chocó chips
  • ½ cup thinly chopped almond(for ears)
  • 1 tub jelly, to use as icing
  1. Rinse your cherries and make let them dry on clean paper towel.
  2. Take chocolate bar, butter and paraffin in a double boiler by stirring continuously. Boil the mixture until it melt completely. Leave the double boiler onto the burner once the mixture gets melted completely.
  3. Dip dry cherries into the chocolate mixture and immediately take a Chocó chip and press its flat side in to cherry to make head. While the chocolate is warm insert two almond slices to make ears so that they got perfectly stuck to it.
  4. Let them dry completely and perfectly by keeping them all one by one on butter paper.
  5. You can use toothpick to place red jelly tiny balls on either side to make eyes.
  6. After making all your little mice candies place them in refrigerator to set perfectly.

You can gift these cute little candies to your little nice, nephew or any other little and big one too these cute little chocolate cherry mice candies. If your friend’s birthday is coming you can order a cake for him and can send mice candies and cake delivery in Delhi at his or her doorstep.

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