Apr 12, 2017
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Top 5 easy cakes that you can easily make at your home.

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Cakes are the most delicious desert about which every one ponders to celebrate their occasion with. Cakes are the desert which makes your huge occasion more admiring and small moments or even a regular day awesome.

Gone those days when people gift sweets to their relatives and friends, now cakes are in trends everyone wants to celebrate their each occasion with cakes and they also gift cakes online in Faridabad. Many people when go for a dinner in a restaurant they order cakes as their desert but what if they needed that same cake of their choice at home they can achieve this by two ways- 1st: they can order cake from online website of cake providers like Cakengifts.in and 2nd they can bake cakes at home using their regular ingredients present in their kitchen.

Yes, you can bake your favorite choice of cake with from favorite fruit, vegetable or any other thing. Sometimes we have so much of interesting and useful ingredients at home but we never use them in a creative way like bananas, how we use them? We just peal them off and eat as a fruit. So, like bananas we have many other items in our kitchen which we don’t use much. In this blog let’s learn about that how we can use our daily-use items of kitchen in baking of cakes.

Cakes which you can bake using you kitchen items-

  • Coffee Cake- People use coffee beans and its powder in making coffee for them to refresh their mind. But have you ever thought that Coffee Cakes you order in high rated restaurants or book from online websites, that coffee cakes you can bake on your own at home. For making coffee cakes you can check out How to make coffee cake at home for reference.
  • Banana Cake- Don’t only eat bananas with milk use them in a more create way and impress your loved ones. Bake banana cake at home using your regular banana fruit and milk with butter, flour, sugar, vanilla essence and cream. Decorate your cake with your choice of decoration and you can also top is with fresh banana pieces.
  • Strawberry Cakes- You might heard or tasted that delicious strawberry cakes at parties or also ordered at home but you can also bake strawberry cakes at home to surprise your loved ones. You can top it with strawberry syrup, fresh strawberry pieces or with chocolate shavings too.
  • Dry Fruit cake- A delicious treat for your people at Christmas, New Year and with your evening tea. People have dry fruits at their home which use eating them raw, decorating sweet dish, and etc but think of making cakes with it how delicious it will taste. So make dry fruit cake at home and treat everyone with it.
  • Blueberry Cake- As we all knows that blueberries are very essential for your health mind and as well they taste so good. So, take out fresh blueberries from your fridge and start making a blueberry cake. For reference you can see blueberry cake recipe to make it at home.

Enjoy with these luscious cakes at home which you have made from your hands. You can also make your beloved day special by sending cakes at their door in Ghaziabad.

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