Mar 30, 2017

Tempting Cakes for April Fool Day to make your April starting joyful.

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Make your April fool’s Day more happening and prank full with cakes. Gift cakes specially made for your pranks to play with people on April Fool Day. You will see that wide variety of cakes in different designs and colors that CakenGifts is providing its customers so don’t wait this April fool day quickly order and have the luscious cakes at your home.

On 1st April not only we celebrate April fool day but also it is celebrated as starting of New Year around 1st April in Hindus and Romans calendar. So apart from celebrating April fool day only celebrate New Year’s Day too.

Many times we asked to our elders when we were kids that what is April fool day and how it is supposed to celebrate and the answers we get are- “you might be fooled by someone, might someone bullies you and all…..”. And now when we are grownup we play prank on our friends and family members, from ages this April fool day is continuously being celebrated like this. But now no more only pranks we should try something more interesting.

Enough of doing pranks now it is time to start something more interesting. How about celebrating April fool day with fondant cakes by CakenGifts of April fool theme? Yes, it is so amazing to give a try to this too.

pizza cake

You can gift April fool fondant cakes to your friends at their door in Delhi. You will find many varieties of cakes for this theme or you can also give order to bake cake according to your prank idea. Some variety that you may take into consideration- Pizza Cake – decorate the cake in pizza style and confuse your loved ones by its taste and look. Egg-shell cake– by this cake your friends will definitely get confuse and when they taste it you making them fool mission is completed.

egg shell cake

Like these you can celebrate your day with many more cakes and pranks ideas.

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