Apr 1, 2017
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Best 5 Flowers for summer to Plant them in your House.

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Flowers are the natural beauty given by god to earth-people we should respect this beauty and should have more for it. As much as flowers we have we can’t have enough of it. And once a time came when all our plants seems like our child. We starts nourishing them with their type of requirements like manure and all and we also starts taking care of them more than own self.

Flowers are so peaceful and so magical just by looking at them we forget every negative powers and thoughts around our mind playing games with us. Plants seem to be a medicine like which not only gives us our needful but also a therapy for relaxing mind. Many old people in my house, in your house and in all of our houses say that some plants are good for house and also fill the house with positive energy. And we all know that how much positive energy is required by every single people in this era.

So, let’s take a tour to see best summer plants for our houses-

  • African Violates

These are some of the flowers which is for summers and which is easily grown-up. With them you don’t have to give your much effort. The flowers are perfect for blooming up a silent corner of the house or a light full window. African Violates likes warm conditions and cold water causes the plant to generate brown spots on it. If you want t6 grow more plant just cut its leaf and root it into moist pot full of sand which good for planting. The plant has such a bright color which can be perfectly brighten your room window and house balcony.

Growing Conditions- Bright sunlight, moist sand.

African Violates

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a tropical plant which has unique quality sometimes it continues blooming from spring to fall and sometimes it continues till winters. The plant can grow into a tree. With its nice and peaceful colors of its flowers it freshen up your house or garden and by seeing you also feel freshen-up. Its bloom is giant and eye-catching which effortlessly attracts people towards it. Hibiscus comes in various variant of colors like yellow, white, shades of red to pink to orange and even in blue. You will have only happiness in seeing them.

Growing Conditions- Bright to intense light.


Image Source : healthline.com

  • Jasmine

You will many types of jasmine plants but Many-Flowered jasmine and Arabian jasmine are the easiest one to grow. You just have to give them plenty of water and sunlight. Jasmine plants bear pint-white flowers with strong but pleasant smell. It is also use as decorating hair in India. Its chain is also use as by women as their jewelry.

Growing Conditions- Keep soil moist and provide bright to intense light.


  • Peace Lily

These types of lily are perfect for housekeeping as they can’t tolerate high light and humidity. They are easy to grow and handle. The blossoms of it are so attractive and peace giving to eyes. It bloom heavily in summers but some may bloom throughout the year.

Growing Conditions- light to bright light and keep them moist.

Peace Lily

Image Source : thefamilytreeinc.com

  • Oxalis

Oxalis is known for bearing leaves like triangular shape, clover –like purple leaves. It shows constant color variant from pink to white. Plant grows on one stop and become crowed, you can separate them any time. It is so beautiful to its leaves so colorful and so full of life.

Growing Conditions- Medium to bright light.


Image Credit : provenwinners.com

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