Jun 21, 2017

3 simple steps to prevent your cake from getting stale

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It sometimes happens that your cake remains unfinished after the event. It may be due to the unexpectedly large size of the cake or if you want to keep it for someone coming the other day or due to something else. Whatever the reason may be, but in these situations, you need to store your cake and prevent it from getting stale. One way to avoid such situations is to order long time fresh cakes or to order cake in Ghaziabad. However, this may not always be possible. Here are some simple steps to keep the cakes fresh for long:-


The first step to preserving a cake is to cool it down. If the cake has been freshly baked, allow it to reach the room temperature. This is because a hot cake can generate steam when wrapped which would catalyze its deterioration.

Cooling Cake


Once the cake is cooled down to the room temperature; the next step is wrapping and packing. If your cake is uncut and unfrosted, wrap it tightly from all sides with plastic and then keep it in a zipped bag at room temperature. A frosted cake could simply be kept in a bowl or microwave as the icing itself acts like a plastic cover. Therefore, a frosted cake can be stored for a comparatively longer time than an unfrosted one.

Cut pieces of cakes or leftovers run a high risk of rancidity as the open areas easily attract moisture. The solution that could be adopted in this case is to frost the cut areas of the cake or to stick a plastic wrap on all its sides.

Cake Wrapping


All the categories of cake mentioned above can be preserved at the room temperature without resorting to freezing. Refrigeration is required only in situations when your residence becomes extremely hot during summers.

cake refrigeration

Since you have learned the way to preserve a cake for days, you can now order even a large cake online for your friend’s birthday or your anniversary without the fear of it being wasted. So hurry up, the cakes are now at your fingertips just a click away.

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