Mar 24, 2017

How the Black Forest Cake got its name?

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“Black Forest Cherry Torte Cake”. Commonly known as black forest cake.

The German originated cake now is all time and all generation favorite in whole world. British named it as Black Forest Gateau and Americans named it as Black Forest Cake. One question always rises among all the lover of it, that how it got its name and who thought about the recipe of it? So the answer is here. Black forest cake has a history of German background. It named after a forest which is so dense. The forest is that much dense that it looks like that the home of all the darkness of the world is that forest. The forest is located in the southwestern part of the country. The forest is opaque because of pine and fur trees in it. The forest looks so dark from the far site and the darkness is its guest. When winters put its steps forward in the country the view of the forest become so heavenly. As the snowfall starts falling and get deposit on the top of the forest it just look like that god topped the chocolate cake with whipped cream. The main crop of the region is cherries and so locally grown around the forest.

Cherries are one of the ingredients used traditionally in the Black Forest Cake. The chocolate sponges are sandwiched with white whipped cream and sock with cherry syrup. Traditionally in German the syrup is known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, this ingredient gives a majestic cherry pit flavor to the cake. This syrup dazzles to the every layer of the cake so that it can soak the flavor of cherries and give it a splendid flavor. Whipped cream is used to cover it along with chocolate shavings to give it the look as same as the forest looks after the snowfall.

Who brought the recipe is always a controversial talk. Some believes that Josef Keller (de) (1887–1981) claimed to have invented Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (german name) in its present form. And others believe it was Erwin Hildenbrand of Cafe Walz 1930 from Tübingen, Germany.

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