Apr 4, 2017
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Healthy Cakes to make you healthier by CakenGifts.

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Cakes considered being the worst thing because of it’s over sweetening agents, artificial coloring, and blah, blah… But truth is that it is our party chief. Neither any celebration nor any festive because cake cutting is now in so much trend and youth celebrate their each occasion with cakes whether the moment is happy or sad. They celebrate their first date with cake, their anniversary with their lover with cakes and even their break-up parties too. So funny…. but for fun we can’t ignore our health also.

Being couch potato or fatty one is seems so embarrassing because along with fun youth is also taking care of their health and fitness. Only by joining fitness classes, yoga classes or gyms anyone can’t get their body fit and fine they have to forget about junk food and many other food items which they liked the most.

We also have to look upon our lifestyle and diet that we take every day. But cakes are not for refusing. Anyone who is a big fan of cakes he or she definitely cannot refuse from having cakes. So in this case how can we manage our health and taste both? The answer is to manage both by combining both in one cake. Still confuse? We mean to make a cake which is equally healthier as well as tastier.

Look Cakes that CakenGifts provides to its customers for keeping them healthy and fit. The cakes which we are going to show you below are healthier because all of those are made from natural ingredients which are right for us.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is the one which is in trend during the Second World War and still it is liked by many health seekers because in this recipe sweet carrots are used which initially cut all the sugar in use. Because by the use of carrots as the main ingredients it sweetens-up whole cake and no other artificial sweetening is required. Along with sweetness it also gives a nice color to cake which further cuts the entire source of using artificial coloring. So all over it is a nice source to maintain health as well as your craving for tasty cakes.

Carrot Cake

Image Credit: images.media-allrecipes.com/userphotos/560×315/1053595.jpg

Watermelon Cake

Yes you read it right watermelon cake. As it is the fruit for summer so you can’t have this in other seasons. But you can have this as much as you want of it. The cake is very simple but very much refreshing and healthy. Watermelon’s outer green shell cut out so professionally without destroying its natural oval shape and its inner part if knife. Then a whipped cream poured over it and served so chilled that will fresh your mind and body.

Watermelon Cake

Image Credit: prouditaliancook.com

Banana Cake

The cake with the entire goodness of banana and coconut is here in your city to cut off all the unhealthy cakes by its high banana rich qualities. Coconut is the option if you want other topping or flavor in banana cake you can also have that. But coconut with banana cake gives so much of quality taste. You can also have the cake with pecan and cream frosting or butterscotch sauce frosting. Dry fruits in the cake also gives a nice taste to it.

Banana Cake

Image Credit: d3lp4xedbqa8a5.cloudfront.net/s3/digital-cougar-assets/food/2014/12/01/GoodFoodBR112540/dairy-free-banana-cake-with-passionfruit-icing.jpg

You can find many cakes like these which are healthier and tastier too but a foodie also remains foodie he or she never see anything other than taste and their favorite flavor. So enjoy theses natural cakes and stay healthy.

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