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Cake Delivery In Noida

We offer our customers freshly baked scrumptious cakes in Noida at their doorstep so that they can make their festivity more joyful. Our main is to provide as much as happiness we can deliver from our end to make our valuable customers feast classic with our wide range of online cakes, flowers and gifts in Noida. Send your love with cake on same day in Noida.

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Reviewed by Pushkar singh

One the best cake I ever been tested!! I really love the frosting. I ordered cake through your websites along with some others cookies. And the packages you delivered to me was really above my expectation. You really won my heart. I ordered red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and thinking that is your staff able to favor me but you really did more than that!! My sister was so excited that she got fresh cake on her 1st anniversary instead of something that’s freezed for a year. Thank you so much!!

Reviewed by Vinit Kumar

I don't have any word to appreciate you, i just short of word!! Only i want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming through as always with a cake so wonderfully light AND flavorful. My MOM celebrated Forty fifth birthday on June seventh and told me that the cake was so splendid. Your cake, as it always does, received some wonderful rave reviews. Thanks you so much for doing what you do. You really bring pleasure to my family. Thanks!

Reviewed by Saurabh Kaushik

First of all I would like to thank you from deep of my heart for such a GORGEOUS and MAGNIFICENT cake!!! Not only was it a sight to behold, it was Pleasant also. Each and every person in the party was only taking about the cake , nothing else!! Some of the party member was so eager to have it. Mainly the buttercream and chocolate was eye catchy. Thank you so much for such a hard work to favor me. Thanks a Lot!!

Reviewed by Ashish Singhal

your cake is lovely and nice taste so i am very happy and thanks by my family!!

Reviewed by Sunil Yadav

This cake is very tasty and thanks a lot by my sweet family!!

Reviewed by Somya

Thanks a lot guys, Cake was very Awesome. It looked amazing. Tasted awesome too. Fresh and soft. Even after being in the fridge for a few hours it did not turn hard or dry.Prices rates are very good according to their product.Its quality, presentation and timely delivery was very good. Thank you for your good services.

Reviewed by Prashant singh

Thanks a lot for sending such an amazing eggless cake and beautiful blossom to my parents on their anniversary! enormous cake was consumed in no time and everyone raved about it. You made my day really delicious with your quality and punctuality!

Reviewed by Nikita

I wanted a birthday cake so I visited your website and I choose one of the best birthday cake. The taste of the cake was very nice! The baker was really understanding and listened to the instructions I gave about the cake design, it looked great. Also, the price was very reasonable. Thank you guys

Reviewed by Vishal Gupta

Thanks your team and good time delvery

Reviewed by Diksha

I ordered a creamy-butterscotch-cake for my Kids birthday from your website. It wasn't a perfect looking cake but the creamy-butterscotch-cake tasted really great and very yummy. My friends and my family were impressed.Thank you for your good work.

Reviewed by Rohit kumar

After Having tasted Hundreds of cakes before, there were no doubts in my minds that i would ask for my wedding cake. I picked a selection of flavors, and all were amazing .My favorite was the chocolate black. Everyone raved about your cakes- they looked and tasted exceptional cake.We all know Weddings are such a stressful time, but having someone who's friendly and professional at what they do makes a world of difference. You really did the great job on my wedding cake. Thanks for all your effort.

Reviewed by Aisha

I ordered a simple kids birthday cake from your website. I got a cake on time . but your simple cake was absolutely delicious, attractive cake and one of the best. My kids was so happy to see the cake. So that I want to say that you guys cake was so amazing above my expectation. Thank you

Reviewed by Ansh kumar

I had ordered a cake on my birthday. Your team delivered it on time. But message was missing on the cake. Whether these small things needs to be told to you people, Otherwise flowers are lovely and impressive.

Reviewed by Amit

Your delivery service is so good but one thing i would like to say that you need to focus on your products like you need to add some flowers and gifts as well as flowers. I booked a cake online from your website and the cake taste was so good and cake design was also so attractive. Please add some more cake design so that we can choose from them. Thank you for your service. I will be back soon.

Reviewed by Alok singh

"I wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely perfect. We all agreed after the first bite that it was the best tasty cake we'd ever eaten. It was unanimous. It was so beautifully decorated. Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and Being 23 and wanting something a little more exciting than stars and sparkles, I couldn't be happier with what you did. But taste was so pristine and magnificent. Thanks once again!"

Reviewed by Shalini

I visited your website and I saw a more varieties of beautiful photos of birthday cake with flowers. Because I wanted to give surprise gift to my friend at 12:00pm clock. So that I ordered a beautiful birthday cake with flowers from your website. But I got a cake very late. when I saw a cake then I was very happy because cake was attractive, delicious and everyone was very pleased with the taste and many people asked where we got the cake from. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Abhinav

Simply I can say best shop for online cake! Thank you so much for creating my birthday amazing with gorgeous cake. The taste is mouth-watering!!! Amazing work!!! thanks once again!!! Keep it up!!! :)

Reviewed by Ranjan

I want to thank for your absolutely GORGEOUS cake!! Not only was it a sight to behold, it was DELICIOUS .Everyone told me how tasty it was and couldn’t get over how immaculate looking the dark chocolate looked. Exactly what I had envisioned! Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to my desire.I will revert back soon.

Reviewed by priya

I needed to delivered a delicious cake at Karawal Nagar Delhi and at the same time i was so worried about delivery and the quality of cake because i never use service through internet so. But i searched on internet and i got I ordered a cake with 500gm and flowers to be delivered at midnight and they delivered it. But they deliver my gifts a little bit delay but no worry. Now i can say that i have a great experience with online service. Thank you CakenGifts

Reviewed by Ranjeet

Your service is so nice but if you provide cake and flower delivery on time that would be very good. But I must tell you, cake was so yummy and tasty. Thank you so much

Reviewed by Jagdish

The best ever online cake delivery in Noida we can say! cake they deliver is so fresh and not to mention. Their service is perfect! Love it, thanks a lot Cakengifts for being there on time.

Reviewed by Manish Kumar

I have eaten your cake on my friends birthday party and they order from your website. so i just wanted to know that can you deliver fondant cake on my son birthday.

Reviewed by Puja

You have a wide range of chocolate cake. I have chosen a chocolate cake for my brother birthday and you deliver on time. Thank you


Cake was so good but your guys did not delivered on time. But no problem, It was not so much delay. Thanks

Reviewed by Rohit

My delivered cake was so tasty and design was also so good. I got so many choices in cake and flowers. Thank you so much cakengifts

Are you hunting for Online Cake in Noida? You have landed on right page

In today’s time people all wait for their birthdays, anniversary, Christmas and for other occasion doesn’t matter whether they are adults or kids because now without cake cutting any occasion can’t be completed whether it is small or huge. For kids cake means party and for adults cake means sweet desert. Everybody have their choices and their preferences, people consider and enjoy cakes in various ways, that’s why we have wide variety of online cake in delivery in Noida.

Noida is an industrial area where many offices can be located. It is connected to Delhi by roads and metros. Many people are working there. Every year many students, job seekers and many people come to Delhi or Noida to follow their dreams. It is high-time to present online cake service in Noida to your loved one on their birthdays. Now you can order from any corner of the world and can send online cake to them in their offices, colleges, hostels and in houses with not cost delivery services in Noida.

If you are hunting to order online cake delivery in Noida then you are landed at accurate place. offers impressive array of delectable online cake in Noida. You can choose from vast variety of options for delivery in Noida from vanilla to pineapple, chocolate to coffee, butterscotch to blueberry and many more. Our cakes make your taste-buds helpless to crave for more bites after each and every bite.

Whether you are near or far from your loved ones you can order from anywhere and make it deliver at their doorstep on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversary and at any other occasion to surprise them and to show your love for them.

Themed Birthday Party Celebration with Online Cake in Noida -

Themed parties are quite trendy these days. Everyone is celebrating their party according to a theme. And the interesting thing is that parent as well as their children loving it very much. Themed party is very well known around teens really they have many creative and out of the box ideas for themed party. If you are thinking to give them Goosebumps on their birthday or any other occasion for which you think they should be rewarded. Here we also bring themed party ideas for you and themed party online cake delivery in Noida.

I-phone themed Birthday party -

I-phones and I-pods are more famous among teens and most of the teens demand for that. They wish to have it on their birthdays or on some achievement by their parents or by own. You can gift your teen an I-phone or I-pod themed online cake in Noida to make their birthday party more special or their some achievement party to more interesting.

Racing Car Cakes -

Many of our teens are found of racing and excitements so this the best options for our sports car crazy boys or girls to celebrate their birthdays with. You can also organize parties with these themed party cakes on their winning occasion as they have won some race or some racing video game challenge. Moments can’t create by own we have to create them.

Glamorous themed cake for teen girls -

Glamorous themed party online cake delivery in Noida for your glamorous teenage girl to make her birthday more alluring like her. In this type of cake your girl and her friends find edible lipsticks, mini-mirrors, sandals, purse, make items and the entire girly thing which all the teen girls admire to use in their adolescent.

Drama themed party Cake -

This type of cake is suitable for those whose kids are much more interested in drama and acting or they do very naughty things or mimicry of others. It can be also a fun cake in school for drama or theater club. You can also gift your teen kid on his or her first theater show or on her first theater achievement to encourage.

Graduation themed cake -

When your teen graduates from their college you can throw graduation themed party for them and can order cake of their favorite flavor with graduation themed. We deliver cakes along with happiness to make your occasion special.

Disney themed party -

Is your little ones’ birthday is on the way? Why don’t you try Disney themed party this time? Surely by seeing all the Disney character around them and also the cake made in Disney theme they are going to be crazy on their birthday. Gift them a Disney themed party with online cake delivery in Noida to make their birthday in their way. They feel special if you consider their choices too especially on their days. You can gift your little princess a snow-white or Cinderella cake on Daughters’ Day too.

Angry bird themed online cake -

These day's angry birds are on hit. You can see their games playing by children, their prints on t-shirts and shoes, their posters and more. So why don’t you plan to give your child an angry bird themed party. Ask all the guests to wear angry bird dresses secretly and we will deliver angry bird themed birthday cake for your little bird to surprise him or her.

Base ball themed cake -

A perfect idea for a baseball fan in your house, gift them a base ball themed cake for their birthday or you can gift them when they bring baseball winning cup in house. This cake can also be a part of base ball team’s celebration when they won the match.

Basket ball themed Cake -

If you have any basket ball fan in your house then this cake is perfect for their birthday celebration. It can be the part of basket ball team celebration. If your teens are big fan of basket ball this basket ball cake will encourage their interest.

Anniversary Party Cake Delivery in Noida -

Anniversary is a special occasion for married couple. On this day they remember their past years which they have spent with each other. They remember all their love days they have spent with each other. It is the second most important occasion in everyone’s life. It is the prominent day to show the love for each other. So what will be better than a sweet luscious cake? Cake makes your anniversary more memorable and sweet. Our aim is only to double up your merriment and joy. Delight your partner with an elegant anniversary cake and showcase your love in a different way by gifting her or him a luscious treat by To revive your special day with your lovingly partner surprise them with a lovely anniversary cake delivery in Noida on your anniversary.

For enhancing the true partnership’s love we have brought wide array of saporous online anniversary cake in Noida. Our professional bakers bake cakes for the purpose of your happiness. Enjoy your anniversary reveal your love in a different way with us.

New born little baby cake -

When a baby born it brings happiness with him or her because of your little one you have experienced the parenthood. This is a different occasion which brings different feelings along. Any feeling can’t be better than this. This is the most precious occasion in one’s life every couple wants to be parents soon and when they hold their little baby’s hand in their they forget all their worries, to make this moment in your life more memorable gift your wife and your little one a sweet luscious cake. Online baby cake delivery in Noida has many flavor options and comes up with many different and interesting designs which you can choose from our wide list. Our aim is to provide online cake service in Noida for every moment.

Promotion Cake -

This is an incredible moment in one’s life. It gives more confidence and encouragement in one’s life. Promotion cake’s have much value and are as important as the person gets respect and confidence in his or her career life. Promotion cakes are simple but very encouraging. Designs of the cakes are designed simple which reflect more the occasion.

Retirement Party Cake -

Retirement is also the best moment in one’s life so to celebrate it what can be the best option other than cake for this celebration? Retirement online cake delivery in Noida is the best sweet to celebrate the occasion. Our team at loves to send the cakes for every occasion so that we can bring a sweet smile on your face. You can order cake for the one to whom you respect the most and he or she wants rest in his or her life now and want to live self-esteem. Gift them and welcome their new phase of life with luscious online cake in Noida.

Sorry cake -

Our aim is to deliver in every possible way at every possible occasion of yours to make it possibly happy and hassle-free. When you hurt someone then to make up all the things again it required a cute and honest sorry. Every time you have said just a simple sorry to your friends, girlfriend, mom, brother and etc but have you thought about giving them a sorry cake. No, so think now we have a wide range of sorry cakes for you to gift your loved ones and make everything sorted. Surely by this effort of yours your girlfriend or wife will be so happy to see that you really have made an extra effort just to say sorry to them. delivers happiness in every moment of your life to make every occasion special.

Thank you Cake -

Say “thank you” to someone special or to your friends or to your sweet mom in a different way. Every time your loved one does something special for you but what you do you just say a simple thank you to them. Explore your love for them and say thank you to them in a unique way. We have wide range of cake’s flavor and designs you can order and choose everything according to their taste.

Online Cake Delivery in Noida for every occasion is well known online cake provider in Noida and as well as in all the near cities around Delhi like Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Dehradun. Our aim is to deliver cake in each and every occasion of your life to make it special even the small one because life is too small and we should enjoy each and every day and moment in our life whether it is our birthday, anniversary, Christmas, new year, sorry moment, love moment, thank you moment and etc. Whether you are at your home or out of the city with us sending gift and online cake in Noida now become easier even more than before. Now you can send any type of cake on any occasion or on any moment of life to make it more special. Once you will order our cake your taste buds will become addicted to our cakes.

Flavors of online cake in Noida

We have a wide array of trendy and traditional cake flavors some may be those which you have tried already and some are those which you have not tried yet. Some flavors are listed below -

Chocolate flavor

It is the most favorable flavor of cake which is mostly liked by kids and girls. Many people love eating chocolate cake but it is more famous among youth and especially girls, as girls are crazy about chocolate. Chocolate is that flavor which can make anyone helpless and to crave it for. Get online chocolate cake delivery in Noida and charm your loved one with your special efforts to make them feel happy and special. Now you can gift online chocolate cake to any one just by few clicks and they got their gift at their doorstep.

Blueberry flavor

It is the taste with a twist. It delivers some sweet and naughty flavor to your tongue. This is a rich flavor which you have never tried before, this gives more authentic taste when combine with fresh and sweetly backed cake. Blueberry cake can be the best thing to celebrate your marriage anniversary or your love anniversary. Send online blueberry cake in Noida from any corner of the world at anytime you can use our midnight cake delivery service, immediate cake delivery or same day cake delivery option which will suit best to you.

Coffee flavor

You have tasted coffee only in coffee cups but with us you can taste the coffee flavor in the form of soft spongy creamy cakes. This is unique and trendy flavor in the bakery world which you must try. If anyone’s birthday or any other occasion is coming then gift them trendy coffee cake online in Noida they will surely love it.

Fresh fruit Cake

It is perfect for a fitness freak or the one who loves fruits very much. Fresh fruit cake contains many varieties of fruits which go superb with fresh cake. These cakes are rich in majestic aroma of freshly backed cake combined with dry fruits, maraschino cherries and fresh seasonal fruits.

Strawberry cake

It is the one of most traditional flavor or we can say one of the old flavors which bakers are using for many years in baking cakes of strawberry flavor. This is also liked by many people even by old peoples as being one of the oldest flavors. If you want to celebrate your mom’s or grandmother’s birthday but unfortunately you forget about her favorite cake flavor which she likes the most so the strawberry cake is the option for you surely she will like this flavor and also encourage your efforts for her.

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple is cake is the one of the simplest and classic cake among all. If you like a simple but classic thing in your life then this is the best and perfect option for you. If you have a friend who like pineapple flavor your can gift her on her birthday or at any other occasion. Pineapple are also best for your first date which keeps things classic and memorable between you both.

Cheese Cake

Cheese cakes are the new range of online cakes which is in trend these days. Everyone in today’s date is crazy about cheesecakes. We have wide range of online cheese cakes in Noida so that you can taste every single bite of each flavor of cheese cakes. We chocolate have cheese cake, truffle cheese cake, strawberry cheese cake and many more flavors to make your taste buds crave for it.

We have more flavors other than all these too. You can order any flavor of cake from our cake docket any time. We deliver our online cake service in Noida 24*7.

Make your order with these simple steps

  1. Go our website log in through your Facebook or Gmail ID directly.
  2. Choose your desired cake and its flavor. Give all the necessary details like weight of the cake and what type of cake you want eggless or with egg cake.
  3. Give all your personal details which are relevant for your order like your phone number, address and etc.
  4. Then choose the payment mode. We have both options for payment online as well as offline. You can pay by using paytm or can choose cash on delivery option.

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