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Cake Delivery In Ghaziabad

Don’t roam here and there CakenGifts have brought an astonish array of luscious online cakes service in Ghaziabad to bed delivered at your doorstep. Order cake at midnight so that you can be able to get freshly baked cake right at 12 o’ clock to surprise your loved ones in Ghaziabad. You can send online flowers and gifts to your loved ones from any corner of the world.

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Reviewed by Akansha

Thank you so much for such a perfect cake for my daughter 6th birthday.She was eager to see the chocolate cake with six beautiful flowers because she love chocolate cake so I ordered chocolate cake from your website. It was absolutely delicious! Everyone at the party enjoyed with the cake and gave many compliments. Thank you for your good services.

Reviewed by Aman Sharma

I wanted to send you a quick review to let you how much we loved the cake. I cannot put into word how amazing and astonishing it was. You totally WOWed me. The cake looked magnificent and it was so yummy! Everyone at the shower was continuously talking about it.

Reviewed by Baibhav

Message was missing from the cake, this is not good otherwise cake was fresh and yummmmmyyyyyy they guys are well professional in their work, thank you guys for making my wife’s birthday special with fresh flowers.

Reviewed by Isha

As you know that Kids love chocolate cake. So I ordered a Kids chocolate birthday cake from but They delivered different flavor of chocolate cake but it also was very awesome and delicious. Thanks for good service.

Reviewed by Atul kumar

A Simple Cake is just what I wanted, but it was so much more! It was beautiful, elegant and delicious! is extremely professional and talented. They made it all so easy and accommodated my last minute scheduling. I enjoyed the tasting experience.

Reviewed by Khushi

Your delivered cake was so yummy as your website design is. Nice service and cake you deliver. Thank you for yummy cake.Best wishes

Reviewed by Chandan

There are so many websites who delivers online cake but you are the best by your tasty cake and delivery on time. Thank you guys

Reviewed by Vinod

You have amazing collections of cake. I ordered a kid cake for my son because i was out of city at the time of my son birthday. You delivered on midnight so thank you for that.

Reviewed by Soni Singh

I was out of city at the time of my husband birthday i also forgot to gift him on his birthday so i ordered a cake from here and these guys delivered very tasty cake on the time. Good lucj CakenGifts

Make your Celebration Majestic with Online Cake Delivery in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is the city of Utter Pradesh and is very close to Delhi. As being very close to Delhi it is also known as Gateway of U.P. Anyone who is residing in Delhi can easily enter in U.P by Ghaziabad. So CakenGifts being the Delhi based company is now providing its service to people of Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Dehradun. After winning the hearts of people of Delhi we are now in Ghaziabad, U.P to sweeten up its air and people’s celebration with our luscious cakes. Now people of Ghaziabad can also have the mouth watering online cake delivery in Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad is famous for its industrial area as many small and big industries are growing in it. It is the one of the famous city Uttar Pradesh. CakenGifts have brought wide verity of online cake in Ghaziabad so that you can have or can gift your loved ones its authentic taste of online cakes to lighten up their busy schedule. Getting everything from online from cloth to vegetable is become quite comfortable for those who are hard worker and have to work from morning to evening and don’t get the chance to go market and buy such things. By considering this situation of people our team is working so hard so that like clothes, vegetables and etc people can get cakes at their doorstep too in just couple of hours by ordering from their offices and house in few minutes.

Different Varieties of Online Cake in Ghaziabad

To show your love to your beloved there is nothing better than cake. Cakes are the sweetest and the prettiest form of amalgam of soft sweet sponge and smooth cream. Anyone can have this according to their desire and requirement. Gone those days when you have to go to the cake shops in Ghaziabad and have to order cake one day before you want and after this your local bakers do not provide you home delivery. But now you don’t have to suffer CakenGifts have brought wide docket of delectable array of online cake service in Ghaziabad. We deliver you the best cake so that you can enjoy your after meal desert at dinner or can have cake at your party. Make your guest liking their finger with our cake and get compliments by them. We deliver your order at your doorstep or on the address you give us. With us you can order your online cake by just few clicks on our website and get your online cake delivered in Ghaziabad at your doorstep. Apart from cake you can order online flowers in Ghaziabad. We provide our customers a wide range of services through our website.

Birthday Cake -

Birthdays are so special for everyone and for their loved ones. Many people celebrate their birthdays in very special way and some celebrate in a simple way. Whatever the taste people have or how they celebrate their birthdays doesn’t matter the thing which matters is that people should celebrate their birthdays. And to enhance their celebration we deliver online birthday cake in Ghaziabad according to their needs and requirements. We have simple cake to designer master pieces. We offer many flavors like chocolate cake, strawberry cake, butterscotch cake, blueberry cake, coffee cake and etc.

Anniversary Cake-

Anniversary is the most important day in every couple’s life. On this day they remember about the day when their love had started. Celebrate your anniversary in a special way, give your wife or to your husband a sweet prettiest surprise and show your love with our anniversary cake delivery in Ghaziabad. We deliver many varieties of flavors and designs in anniversary cake so that you can celebrate our anniversary according to you or your partner’s choice. Whether it is your 1st anniversary, 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary is incomplete without a celebration and celebration is incomplete without cake cutting. Whether you choose to celebrate with your guests or in personal we have every kind of cake size according to need.

Wedding Cake -

Not only the foreigners or christen cut cake on their weddings but now people of many other religions also practicing in this trend. Now it is not any more a tradition but it has become a trend which people enjoys celebrating their wedding with. On weddings cakes are the centre of attraction thus we have wide range of wedding cake in Ghaziabad to choose from. We offer two and three tier cake, layered cake, bride and groom cake, personalized photo wedding cake and many more. You will not get confuse in choosing the cake for your wedding we have provided detailed description about every product on our website. By looking at the description you will get to know all about the cake that we are providing you. With the wide list of designs we have many flavors in wedding cake or you can order us to convert a particular cake into your favorite flavor. We have black current cake, vanilla cake, chocolate and many more.

Kids Cake -

CakenGifts also offers wide range kid's cake in Ghaziabad. As kids are also special they can’t adjust on their birthdays or on their special day with the cakes for adults. They like more colors and kid like cake designs for their cakes, so it’s your duty to present them with the cake they like. You can gift them cartoon faced cake, photo cake, car cake, bike cake, their favorite animal shaped cake or any other which you think that they will like. Kids are so sensitive we have to give them more attention than the grown up child. Organize their birthday party in a special way like you can organize a theme party for them and can order cake according to that theme. Surely by looking your this type of efforts they will give you many more kisses than regular.

Teens Cake -

Stepping out from childhood kids come to a new world of age its ‘teenage’. In this age they want more attention by their family, friends and relative. They started comparing them and their things with their peer group. So in this stage parents should behave with them as their friend with whom they can share their all the problem and happiness. In this stage of life they experience many changes in them from outside and inside too. So at this time period they need much attention by their parents. So if your teen’s birthday is coming plan a themed birthday party for him or her and order cake online in Ghaziabad. By seeing this much effort of yours they will be happy and will never forgot this day. Whether she or he is going to celebrate his or her first ‘teen’ birthday that is thirteen or they are going to celebrate their sweet sixteenth birthday orders their teen cake according to their likes and dislikes. You can gift them I-phone teen cake, foot ball or any other game cake which they like the most. For teen girls you can order make-up kit cake or pretty purse cake. Give your teens a special feel on their birthday and make them happy.

Apart from all these variety of cake we have many more variety to offer our customers. We offer discounts and combo offers to our customer. Our regular customers get many offers and discounts according to their past and future orders.

Free Home Online Cake Delivery in Ghaziabad

CakenGifts offers to its customer free home delivery on every order. Apart from cake delivery we provide free online gifts delivery in Ghaziabad at your doorstep. With us you don’t have to compromise in any situation we offer our service according to your order and make every situation comfortable for you. Whether you are ordering one or more things along we never charge any delivery charges from our customers. We deliver your order at your instructed address.

Terrific Discounts Offer by CakenGifts in Ghaziabad

CakenGifts offers big offers for its customers and also take care of its regular customers especially with its regular coupons, discounts and combo offers for them. We have many things to offer to our new customers too. You can’t be disappointed with us this we can assure you. You will get many excited discounts and services which will make you and your celebration more excited and joyful.

Conformation of your Order

When you want to celebrate your occasion with CakenGifts you just have to go to our website, choose your cake with desired flavor and weight. After providing all the necessary details you have to choose the payment mode then after conforming order we will send you the mail on the email id which is registered with us by you. You will get the mail of showing all the details of your order and by having this mail you can chill out and can make other plans of your celebration.

Apart from online cake delivery in Ghaziabad you can have fresh flower online delivery in Ghaziabad by us and get fee home delivery and discounts.

Freshly Backed Cake

We deliver only freshly backed because we believe in the ‘freshness is the real taste’. We are the well known online cake service in Ghaziabad and we gained this position by the love of our customers. We will be so happy by being the part of your celebration by delivering you online cake delivery in Ghaziabad. If you want your cake next we will start making it few hours before delivering for example you ordered the cake on Monday and set the schedule of delivery at Tuesday so our professional bakers will start making your cake just few hours ago before the delivery time so that you can get the best freshly backed cake for your celebration. After baking, our delivery in-charge ensures that you will get time delivery neither a minute late nor a minute before. We are specialize in birthday and anniversary cake we have wide range of birthday cake and anniversary cake in Ghaziabad with different kind of flavors and designs.

Same Day Cake Delivery in Ghaziabad provides same day cake delivery in Ghaziabad to its customers. Many times you forget your beloved birthday or wishing your wife at your anniversary and in the end they got upset with you and then you engage yourself in saying sorry to them all the time. But have you ever think about converting it into a surprise. If you have forgotten about any occasion so don’t get upset we have mind blowing idea for you which will be also loved by your loved one. Whenever you remember their birthday or any other occasion quickly book online cake in Ghaziabad and select the option of same day cake delivery in Ghaziabad by which you can still manage the things and can convert your mistake into a pretty surprise. Surely they will be going to love your surprise without knowing that you have forgotten in the beginning of the day. You can also throw a surprise party for them and along with cake you can order fresh flowers for them too according to their likes.

Same day online cake delivery in Ghaziabad also helpful when you need the cake in 3-4 hours, you don’t have to go anywhere from your house just place the order on our website give all the necessary details and we will deliver your order at your desired place and on the instructed time.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Ghaziabad

When someone birthday appears always one idea pop up in our mind that is to surprise them at midnight. How you feel when you want to wish your boyfriend right at 12 on his birthday but because of family or hostel rules can’t get out in midnight? We can understands that how does it feels. That’s why for those who want to do some think unique and special for their special one, we have brought special cake delivering service in Ghaziabad. You can deliver your love along with cake by our online midnight cake delivery in Ghaziabad.

Is your anniversary or mom’s birthday coming? What are planning for them? Don’t say that you are planning for a dinner at night and that’s it. Be more thoughtful think about doing something different at this time. Give them a surprise by gifting them delicious cake for celebration right at 12 o’ clock. Imagine how they feel when they get their cake at their doorstep of their house right at 12 by us they will be surely going to love this. Stepping out of our comfort zone is like giving the space to new thing and you should be always ready to welcome them. So welcome the new technology with warm regard and have lots advantages of it. Not only for parents or lovers, you can also arrange this service for your friends and siblings your every crime and mischief partners.

Give your naughty sister a berry blast on her birthday at 12 o’ clock order a blueberry birthday cake to surprise her at midnight and give her a sweet bombshell.

Schedule Cake Delivery

Despite midnight and same day cake delivery in Ghaziabad we offer schedule cake delivery so that you can have your order accordingly. If you don’t want your cake earlier so this service is best for you. You can set your schedule when placing the order and we will deliver you the cake at your scheduled time. For example if you want your cake at Sunday but you ordered it on Saturday one day before so we will deliver your freshly backed cake on Sunday right at your instructed time. If you want the cake in early morning you ought to order one day before or 3-4 hours before and set the schedule you will have your order at correct time.

Sometimes it happens when you forgot your loved ones birthday because of work load so in this case you can do one thing that place your order when you remember about the occasion and set the schedule of delivering online cake in Ghaziabad we will deliver your cake on that day. It doesn’t matter how many days before you order schedule delivery option is made so that you can’t miss any of the occasion.

Why CakenGifts?

CakenGifts is the well known and well trusted online cake provider in Ghaziabad as well as in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Dehradun. We are offering our services of online cake delivery in Delhi from a long time now we have came to sweeten up the merriment of people of Ghaziabad with our luscious online cake in Ghaziabad. We have wide array of delectable online cake for every occasion of yours. We believe in celebrating each and every occasion with of life equally whether it is small or a big one. So keeping this thinking in mind we have many different varieties of cakes for many different celebrations in your life. Be it your wedding or baby shower, birthday or anniversary, friendships day or Valentine’s Day or any other occasion we have many variety of cake in our site for all.

With us have fun and make your life more interesting and keeping gifting to your loved one by online cake delivery in Ghaziabad.

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